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About Us

The concept of the live bait brand™ clothing started with a musical project-live bait brand™ music, a country/rock band from the Columbus, Ohio area. The band enjoyed years of success in Ohio and Nashville recording independent CD's, winning Ohio's Country Music Showdown and being one of only a few select bands to be a part of the Miller Beer Ohio Band Network. They still enjoy a loyal following and now only play when the occasion arises that they can use their talent and popularity to raise money and help those in need. This is where live bait brand™ clothing comes in...

Combining a passion for design, fashion and music-and a life-long desire to help in the battle against cancer, feeding the hungry and sticking up for those who aren't able to stick up for themselves-drummer Eric Pingle is taking the live bait "concept" and turning it into a brand.

A portion of EVERY item sold will go towards blessing others as we are blessed.

The Spring 2012 t-shirts are just the beginning. We plan to expand the line beyond just t-shirts but the mission of the brand will never change. We have BIG plans for the live bait brand and we need your help!

Check out our Facebook page for more info and updates on partnerships, contests, promotions and links to our Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr, Instagram and Blog feeds.

Thanks for being a part of the live bait brand™ family. God bless ❤

Eric Pingle
- founder/drummer LB2